The module aims to increase self-confidence and concentration and to develop communication skills. In the first two weeks traditional drama exercises are used to highlight these aims and co-operative group work is encouraged. Students are expected to value the contribution of all members of the group, enabling them to work in more formal group situations, e.g. mainstream classrooms. Other aspects of the course concentrate on developing empathy, sensitivity, and trust by using role-play exercises
to tackle specific issues. Regular reports are kept and student's evaluation of their own work and that of others are important aspects of the course.

• To encourage members to work as a group
• To create a safe environment
• To encourage pupils to modify behaviour
• Enable pupils to feel more confident and able to deal with situations.

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Areas covered
• Equipment organisation • Walking into rooms • Sitting in classrooms
• How to respond to physical contact • How to respond when being reprimanded
• How to respond to taunts from other pupils • Identification of triggers.

Six Session Anger management based course
Session 1: Introduction to course , working with others, social skills.
Session 2: Communication skills , body language, what is anger ?
Session 3: Communication skills continued, physical reactions to anger.
Session 4: Communication skills continued.
Session 5: Strategies Part 1
Session 6: Strategies Part 2